Laser Engineer, Lead

Job Description Job Number: R0031387 Laser Engineer, Lead Key Role: Lead the development and experimental investigation of innovative concepts in fiber lasers and solid state lasers for directed energy weapon and illuminator applications. Develop and apply advanced hardware design methods, theories, and research techniques to the investigation and solution of complex and advanced technical problems. Plan, conduct, and technically direct major phases of significant projects, coordinating the efforts of engineers, technicians, and support staff in the performance of cutting-edge technology development. Conduct investigations and tests of considerable complexity. Basic Qualifications: -10+ years of experience with directed energy -5+ years of experience with leading engineering teams as a technical lead or team lead -Experience with managing others as a technical lead, team lead, or similar lead role involving applied system engineering and analysis and interfacing with multiple disciplines -Experience with designing, building, conducting, and analyzing the results of developmental laser hardware and experiments -Knowledge of the theory and experimental implementation and use of laser or electro-optic (EO) components and techniques, including diode laser pumping, laser resonators, fiber optics, beam combining, high damage threshold optics, and laser thermal management -Ability to design experiments to validate physics and engineering models of laser and electro-optic systems and maintain laser or EO experiments, minimizing risks to laboratory personnel and equipment and employing laboratory diagnostics -Ability to collect, analyze, and report data to validate phenomenological and application models and improve, modify, or extend experiments -Active Secret clearance -BS degree in Physics or Optical Engineering or EE Additional Qualifications: -Experience with developing computer models to predict the performance of experimental laser and EO system concepts and civil and military applications of these systems -Experience with modeling and simulation of EO systems -Experience with data analysis for directed energy weapon systems or sensor systems -Experience with laboratory or field testing -Knowledge of the physics and operation of a variety of lasers, including fiber lasers and photonic crystal fiber lasers -Knowledge of optical, infrared, or multi-spectral sensors or systems, resolution, sensitivity, frequency response, dynamic range, and noise characteristics, applied and environmental physics, including radiometry, propagation, attenuation, absorption, performance factors, and polarization and their effects across the spectrum, and signal or image processing techniques -MSdegree or higher preferred
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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